About Amare
New Zealand Super Yacht Provisions
and Agent Services

Amare Super Yacht Services was founded in 2008 through recognising a need to provide Super Yachts and their crew with a comprehensive range of specialised services during their stay in New Zealand.

Director - Debbie Gribble comes from a background of service in the Hotel industry followed by 12 years as super yacht crew in the role of chief stewardess.

Our first hand experience of the operational requirements of professional yacht crewing has provided us with the extensive knowledge required to meet your yacht’s supply needs.

We understand only too well how crew are expected to deliver excellence. Our mission at Amare is to consistently provide the support and additional expertise for visiting yachts, owners and crew.

For more information on our full range of services, please contact us at Diverse Projects.

  Amare is a proud member of the Marine Industry Association New Zealand.